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We are currently closed for stock and equine entries. Schedules will be released at Easter.

Please be aware of our new rules:

All Exhibitors are required to hold current public liability insurance cover at the date of the Show with a minimum sum insured of £ 2 million per incident, with the number of incident in any one year to be unlimited. The Association reserves the right to require each Exhibitor to produce documentary evidence of such insurance cover upon request.

Any tents, gazebos, awnings and any other temporary structure erected by or on behalf of an Exhibitor must be appropriately secured for reasons of stability and safety.

EQUINE INFLUENZA Horses must have been vaccinated to comply with the requirements of the primary course (1st vaccination and then 2nd vaccination between 21 – 92 days later), followed by the first booster (150 – 215 days) and all subsequent boosters. Horses may compete having received the primary course and prior to the first booster but not within 7 days of receiving a vaccine dose. Horses must have been vaccinated within 6 months before the show but not less than 7 days of arriving at the show. FOALS: In-foal mares that have already had vaccinations of primary Equine Influenza course should be vaccinated 4-6 weeks before the foal is due to be born. Foals should be vaccinated for Equine Influenza at 6 months to commence their primary course. We urge all owners to adhere to strict biosecurity protocols at all times. Vaccinations are subject to local risk assessments by the attending veterinarians. PLEASE NOTE THAT NEITHER VACCINATION CERTIFICATES NOR PASSPORTS SHOULD BE SENT TO THE SHOW OFFICE PRIOR TO THE EVENT. HOWEVER, RANDOM CHECKS WILL BE CARRIED OUT ON THE SHOWGROUND DURING THE SHOW.


  • Horse and pony £6 per entry... otherwise classes 29-31 are FREE. Show jumping classes will stay open until show day with entries before £8 and on the show day £10.
  • Cattle £5 per entry.
  • Sheep £2 per entry.
  • Goats £5 per entry (please note that we ONLY accept non CAE tested goats).


Sending a BIG thank you to everyone who exhibited at the show, we hope to see you here again soon.