The Flower marquee is a huge part of the Holsworthy & Stratton Show. 

Flower Show

Section 1                   FLORAL ART


Class 1       Amateur Class – Summer Delights’ – Amateur Class - open to anyone who is not a florist or professional arranger.  W 75cm D 75cm H optional, Viewed & judged from front £5.  £4.  £3.

Class 2      An Exhibit – ‘Burnished Beauty ‘W 80cm x D75cm x H optional. To be viewed & judged from front.  £5. £4. £3.

Class3       A pedestal – ‘An English Country Garden’ - To be staged on a round 90cm chipboard base, approximately 10cm from ground. Own covering & accessories allowed. Width not to exceed 120cm. D 120cm x H optional.  Viewed & judged from front. (£30 allowance towards this will be given to each exhibitor on completion.) £7.£6 £5.

Class 4      A craft exhibit – ‘What Lies Within’ – A box, made & decorated with fresh or preserved plant material. To be staged on a 30cm circular mirror. W 25cm x D 25cm x H 30cm.  Viewed all round & judged from front. £5.  £4.  £3.

Class 5      Imposed Class - Secret Reveal’ £15 payable with entry form (to include all components).  Only scissors, knife & florist tape allowed. Entries need to be in at least a month in advance. To be done at approx. 3 p.m. on Wed 22nd. Time limit 75 mins. £5.  £4.  £3.

Class 6   Still Life Exhibit – ‘Country Kitchen’ W 80cm x D 75cm x height optional. Viewed & judged from front.    £5.  £4.  £3.

Class 7    An Exhibit - ‘A New Slant’’ – A Contemporary exhibit. W 90cm x D 75cm x H optional.    Viewed & judged ALL ROUND. £5.  £4.  £3.

Class 8      An Exhibit - Raindrops Keep Falling’ - Staged at ground level on 60cm square slab (provided) - To include an umbrella or parasol. W90cm D 90cm H optional. Viewed & judged all round. £7.  £6.  £5.

Class 9    ‘Natural Ambience’– A floral lampshade. To be hung aprox. 150cm From floor by committee.  Space allowed W35cm x D35cm x H 50cm Viewed & judged all round.  £5. £4. £3.

Class 10   Curls & Swirls’ An exhibit. W60cm D 75cm H optional. Viewed &     judged all round.  £5. £4. £3.Class11 Junior Exhibit - ‘Wish Upon A Star’. A table arrangement.  W60cm     D75cm H80cm (8 – 13yrs) Can be brought pre done. £5/£4/£3








Class 1:                      Flowering or foliage Pot plant                            

Class 2:                     3 Hydrangea                                                                                                                                                                                       

Class 3:                      Cut rose of your choice                             

Class 4:                      Cactus         

Class 5:                      Vase or jug of own garden flowers & foliage

Class 6:                     Vase or jug of sweet peas

Class 7:                      Windowsill planted herbs                         

Class 8:                      Succulent/ succulents in a pot

Class 9:                       3 Dahlias of your choice.

Class 10:                    Flowers in a teapot (any age group)

Class 11:                    Flowers in a mug (Children only please!)

Class 12:                    Flowers on a log  ( children only please)



(***   Section 2 MUST BE EXHIBITED BY 4PM ON WED 27th AUG)

           Prize money £1, 80p & 50p   for section 2    




  1. Exhibitors must make entries on the enclosed Entry Form by 10th Please make sure you enclose your cheque for £15 for Imposed Class. (Deadline for this class is 1st August as components need to be sourced )  Limited numbers.
  2. Exhibitors can make up to TWO entries per class in floral art section, unlimited in others.
  3. Exhibits may be staged from 08.00 am to NO LATER THAN 7 pm on Wed 24th August.
  4. Exhibits must NOT be removed until 5pm on Show day. Cars CANNOT come onto showground earlier than 5.30pm to load up.
  5. The Committee will not be responsible for loss or damage to exhibits or personal property.
  6. Judging will be according to the NAFAS Competitions Manual 3rd Edition 2015**.

(* PLEASE READ NEW DEFINITIONS SCHEDULE - available on staging & show day. )

  1. The Perpetual Cups shall be held for one year and returned in good condition prior to the next show – suitably engraved. ( a contribution towards some engraving may be given )
  2. Our Novice class is named as amateur, for exhibitors who are not florists or professional flower arrangers
  3. There is now NO LIMIT on pre done work, but must be exhibitors own work. ** New for 2022.
  4. All Floral Art classes ( Excl 4, 9 & 11 ) are eligible for BEST IN SHOW. The judge’s decision is FINAL.
  5. Prize money must be collected from a committee member on show day in marquee by 4,30pm




Class titles may be interpreted in any way, providing natural plant material (fresh or dried) predominates. Artificial plant material is not permitted. Accessories may be used in all classes unless otherwise stated.


Staging materials provided by Show Committee for all classes will be cream OR grey base & backing. Exhibits will be on tabling (85cm high) viewed from front unless otherwise stated. ALL sizes are approximate.


                                  PERPETUAL CHALLENGE CUPS


Best in show            Alan Penhale Cup                  Class 7                               Hols Ladies Cup

Best use of colour   Symons Cup                           Class 8                               HH Perpetual cup

Class 1                       Barbara Pearson Cup           Class 9                               Hols Show Trophy

Class 2                       Joan Whitlock Cup               R/U Best In Show             Liz Hodgson Cup

Class 3                       Hols Hamlets Cup                Most points                       Roy Heard Cup

Class 4                       Silver spoon                          R/U Most points               Crane Trophy

Class 5                       Pat Dennis Trophy               Best Pot plant                   Barbara Tremeer Cup

Class 6                       Wallace award                      R/U Best Pot plant           Henderson Cup

Judges choice           Bleujen Florist Cup              Class 10 (junior )               Edwin Stanbury Cup

                                                                                    Class 11                             Yvonne Phillips Cup